Lusting Legs

April 29th, 2012
by girls

I bet you like what you see so far don’t you? Your a naughty little boy aren’t you? Why don’t you put your hand on your hard cock and give me a call. I sit here waiting by the phone with the vibrate option on to please my pussy all day loooonnnng. Mommy loves to play with her pussy. I am a little sex kitten waiting to put scratch you all up and down your back while I scream your name. Put that big cock in me annnnnnd?????? Well if you like what you hear and read then I suggest you give me a call. I promise that Paula will make you purr. I have wonderful hours to make sure I dont miss a call or a delicious drop of cum. Here is my number and don’t hesitate to use it. 1-888-569-3883 There is online billing available for the discreet guys. Click Here. Wanna see what my sex ass is up too? Don’t be a pussy sign up for the free newsletter.

Phone Sex Calls $2.50 per
minute/10 minute minimum
WebCam With Phone Sex
$4 per minute/15 minute minimum
AlphaNet Information Systems, LLC
All Credit/Debit/PrePaid/Gift Cards Accepted

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