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April 25th, 2012
by webcammer

Most of my friends would say I’m very very laid back but when it comes to having fun I’m first in line!!!

Some of my favorite things to do is watch movies on lazy days, shopping of course 😉 Camping, kayaking and fishing when the weather is nice, trying new food, and traveling when I get the chance.

There was this one time my friend and I snuck into her neighbor’s pool late one night while they were out of town and she invited her boyfriend over. After deciding to give her boyfriend a strip tease we both began making out and gave him the ride of his life!!!

When between the sheets I like my lover to caress me and tease me until I can’t take it no more and ravage his naked body! Where we end up no one knows!!

I normally like having sex with just who seeing, however I occasionally like to put on a show in front of someone else but if they wanna join in it’s a party!

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