Paula’s Playthings

May 15th, 2012
by girls
If you have just come across my blog my name is Paula and I am a 36 (almost 37) year old pso. What is a pso you might ask? Its phone sex operator. Its my job,its my life,my passion and its what helps me get multiple orgasms everyday because of gentlemen like you calling me. I love to do role play, I have a daughter and am a single mother so I do the mommy and son role play whether you want mommy to be shy or a slut that teaches you the ropes. I know you were watching me when I got out of those bubble baths after work. Why do you think I bent over to show you that tight pink hole of mine. I knew this day would come…like what I’m saying? Then call me! Want me to play the neighbor that wears the daisy dukes shorts showing off that big round ass of mine while I plant flowers and water the yard in the hot sun? I might have to just spray this white t-shirt of mine and you know I’m not wearing a bra baby….Mmmmmmm I’ve got myself worked up so I’m gonna stop this here for now so I can go pleasure my perfect lil’ pussy. I have phenomenal hours 24/7 hunny, there is no reason for you not to call. Paula loves her playthings and I love to walk all over them,using them for my purposes of cumming over and over again. Calllllll me NOW!! Paula 1-888-569-3883
Phone fantasies $2.50 a minute with 10 minute minimum. Please inquire if you have any questions. Billed as AlphaNet Information Systems LLC All major credit cards accepted.

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