May 30th, 2012
by webcammer


So I recently had one of those dreams that you never want to wake from.  You know, the one where you’re having the best, most erotic sex of your life — then your bedside alarm wakes you.

In my dream I was in bed, sound asleep and an intruder broke into my home.  He wasn’t there to steal anything or to hold me hostage.  He had only one thing in mind.

I felt someone rubbing my back, then warm breath and lips against my neck.  My unconscious body just melt within this person — feeling safe and aroused at the same time.  I felt a hand below my ass, then fingers lifting my right butt cheek.  I felt something hard press beneath my pussy separating my legs.  Something about it felt really good — so good that I started to grind my entire pelvis down on it, as if my cunt was trying to swallow it whole.

I could tell my pussy was ready when the hard shaft below was soaked with the juices from my pink insides.  I reached down and pushed the bulbous head right to my sweet, wet entrance and it glided in nice and smooth.  I could feel my vaginal walls expand — making way for this large, rock-hard shaft.  Suddenly, I felt it pierce my pussy hard & deep — completely hitting rock bottom.  I could feel his balls smashing my pink lips from below.  Before I could ask him to slow down, he reached up with both hands and placed them around my neck.  Firmly, he gripped my throat and feverishly pumped my cunt over and over again.  Gasping for air, I was about to pass out — then I felt that warm tingling feeling from deep inside of me.  I started to rock my hips against his — now wanting him to fuck me harder.  I wanted to tell him what I wanted, but I could barely breathe with his hands nearly choking me.

Then, I felt it — his cock felt like it doubled!  It swelled to big and hard that it sent my clitoris over edge and I began to scream is pure, orgasmic pleasure.  He pulled his rod out and I felt hot, warm liquid squirt all over my ass and lower back five, maybe six times.

He released my throat and by the time I caught my breath, he was gone.


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