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Which hole do you want?

April 20th, 2010


You caught me in my favorite position!  On my knees with my sweet ass up in the air!  My other favorite positions are on my knees with a cock in my mouth and last, but definitely not least, I love being on top of you riding your hard cock!  Mmmmm, that is what really gets me hot, having your cock in one of my holes!  Give me a call and take your pick out of my holes.  They are all open and ready for you to fill with your thick cock and of course, blow that load deep inside me!  Which hole do you want first?  1-888-819-2818 Be sure to ask me about special deals on calls!

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Long, Lean, Luscious.

April 11th, 2010


In the past I’ve written posts about my ass and my tits.  This time, take a look at these legs!  Long, toned and tanned, what more could you want?  I look great in a pair of high heels, as you can tell from the pics!  Imagine my legs spread wide and open for you…if you look closely in this pic, you’ll be able to see just a hint of what is waiting for you!  But, lets focus on the legs right now.  You’d love to see my legs in a short little miniskirt and high heels, wouldn’t you?  Legs that go on for miles, that is what I’ve got and I know you want it!  Want these legs wrapped around you while you pound my sweet pussy or spread open as you eat me out?  It’s all for you so cum and get it! 1-888-819-2818

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Come and get me!

March 10th, 2010

õîááèò ñìîòðåòü îíëàéí áåñïëàòíî

Anyone else ready for winter to be over?  Let’s keep on heating up these nights as long as we can!  I know just what you need to get your motor going!  My body can be your playground and I’ll tell you just how to play with it.  Give me a call and keep me company tonight – I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I will! 1-888-819-2818


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Let Natalie Teach You!

March 2nd, 2010

Some of my favorite calls to do are those naughty mommy/babysitter/older sister kind of calls.  Nothing is better than taking a young, hot guy in hand and teaching him just what to do and how to be sexy with me!   Do you fantasize about a hot teacher?  I’m a great teacher and have had a number of “students” who are very satisfied with what they’ve been taught, lol.  The core of their lessons is usually how to stroke and cum long and hard for me!  That is the kind of lesson that you want to keep on doing.  Let’s do a call real soon and see just how hot we are together – between my sexy voice and body and your kinky fantasies, I KNOW we’ll get on well!1-888-819-2818


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You’ll love my tits!

February 26th, 2010


In a previous post, I mentioned my sweet ass.  This time, lets talk about these tits of mine.  They are super sexy and perky, just like they were when I was a hot slutty girl!  Put your cock between these tits and feel what you’ve been missing.  My nipples are so sensitive and they just get so hard when you nibble on them!  Best of all, my tits look so sexy with your hot CUM all over them.  Wanna spray them with hot cum?  Make my tits bounce tonight and give me a call…I’ll tell you all about them! 1-888-819-2818

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Sexy Natalie Wants YOU!

February 18th, 2010

Natalie here and have I been up to some hot things!  Now, I don’t want to give it all away here, but let’s just say that I have been a very dirty lady with a few different guys!  Oooh la la!  Since I know that you boys want to know all the hot and dirty details, give me a call and I’ll tell you exactly what I have been up to!  Then you and I can get dirty together!  To make it even better, mention you read this post of mine and get a special deal on your call!  I’m ready and waiting for you right now! 1-888-819-2818


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February 8th, 2010

That was some game, huh?  So how about scoring with me?  Oh yes, give me a call and you will be sure to score with me.  I don’t know all the football lingo, but I know you will get what you want on the first try with me. I’m sexy, smart and dirty – what more could you want?  For the hottest phone sex around, I’m your lady.  1-888-819-2818


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Call me “Nasty” Natalie…

January 27th, 2010

One of my callers gave me a nickname…he called me “Nasty Natalie”.  What do you think? Seems to be a fitting nickname for a slut like me, don’t you think?  Why don’t you find out for yourself just how nasty I can get?  My mind is dirty, my body is hot and my engine is revving for you.  Call me now and we’ll get nasty together! 1-888-819-2818


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Are you ready for me?

January 20th, 2010


Mmmmmm, you know what I am thinking of right now? A nice hard cock between my lips, cum spurting out so I can gobble it up! But, since I am all alone, the next best thing would be doing a hot call with you and hearing you cum, all for me!  Let me talk you through your fantasy to coax that cum right out of your cock.  Cum for me, you know you wanna!  I’ve got a sexy voice and a body build for sin that can take you on a wild and fun phone fantasy.  Let me be your mommy, neighbor, teacher, slut, whatever!  I’m ready for you…are you ready for me?  1-888-819-2818

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I’m your good time girl

January 12th, 2010

I’ve been called many things, but the one that really sticks in my mind is “good time girl”.  Well, I may not be a girl any more, but I am still the one you come to for a good time!  When you do a call with me, you will get my undivided attention and I will do my best to craft a hot, erotic fantasy that will get your motor running!  My body is a playground that you can play with to your hearts content; these luscious tits, perky ass and long legs are the stuff your dreams are made of.  Make those dreams cum true tonight…call me for all of your phone sex needs.  1-888-819-2818


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Peachy Ass

January 5th, 2010


Look at this perfect, peachy ass of mine! I’ll bet looking at it is giving you all sorts of naughty ideas, isn’t it?  Maybe placing your big, strong, manly hands on it and giving it a good squeeze, see if it is ripe!  Maybe spank it a little, give it a nice pink tinge before spreading this peach open and taking a gander at my tight little hole.  You know what that hole is meant for, don’t you?   It was meant for your cock and when you’re ready to pump my peachy ass, you know what to do!  Give me a call and let me take care of you.


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True MILF waiting for YOU!!

December 30th, 2009

I must say, you guys have made my first few months as a phone ho so nasty and hot!  I just can’t wait to take your hot calls and find out what nasty things get you off.   Tell me, are you looking for a mommy?  Oooh, how about a hot MILF to take you under her wing and teach you how to make her feel good?  Maybe a mature woman who can turn you into a pretty princess?  No matter what you want, I can help you with it.  I am  true MILF and you can’t get any better than me!  I’ve got sweet lips that would feel great on your cock, big tits that can give you the best tit wank ever and hot, sexy holes waiting for you.  You know you want me…cum on and satisfy your lust with me.  1-888-819-2818


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Shoot that cum for me

December 22nd, 2009

Òðè áîãàòûðÿ íà äàëüíèõ áåðåãàõ ñìîòðåòü îíëàéí áåñïëàòíî

Did you all survive that snowstorm?  I did and I found out that the best way to deal with being snowbound is to stay naked and get naughty with you guys on the phone!  It definitely made the time go by faster and it was a ton of fun! You might be wondering what you will get when you call me.  Well, you will get all of my attention as we (yes, you and I) create a fantasy scene that will thrill you.  And when I say “thrill you” I mean it!  My entire goal is to make you cum so hard that you see stars!  I have one caller who says that his cum streams reach the ceiling when he cums for me and I want you to experience that also.  Pretty much, I want you to make me your cum slut!  Thats what I like and I know you like it too.  1-888-819-2818


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Let me jingle your bell!

December 14th, 2009

It is that time of year and this holiday,  I want you to unwrap me!  Oh yes boys, imagine peeling of whatever sexy thing I am wearing and just having your way with the MILF of your dreams!  So what is it going to be?  Want me to be your ho,ho,ho?  Have you got something to put in my stocking?   I have been very naughty this year…but in the nicest way you can imagine.  Let’s get hot and horny together right now – you know that I am the MILF you’ve dreamed of and I can be your phone lover, mommy, sister, whatever you want!  1-888-819-2818


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Anyone but me spend a lot of time naked?

December 5th, 2009

I have a confession to make:  I have the horrible, awful habit of taking my clothes off, as often as I can!  First thing I do when I come home is strip off…there’s nothing more relaxing than walking around the house totally nude!  After a shower, I don’t bother getting dressed.  I sleep naked and yes, quite often when I am on the phone talking to you boys, I am naked.


Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate a gorgeous piece of lingerie as much as anyone.  And, I think that I can wear the hell out of anything!  But being naked is sooooo much fun and so sexy!  Call me now and find out if I an naked or if I’m wearing something sexy for you!  1-888-819-2818

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Black Friday

November 27th, 2009


While your wife/girlfriend/whoever are out shopping today, why not have some fun of your own?  Work off that turkey coma with  a hot phone sex session with me.

When you call me, you will have all of my attention and it bears mentioning that I want nothing than to wring EVERY LAST DROP OF CUM out of your cock.  Listen to my sexy voice and look at my hot photos while I coax the cum right out of your balls.  Are they hanging low and heavy because of all that cream?  I want to help you blow your load!

This entire weekend is about shopping so you will have plenty of time on your hands…put those hands to use on your cock and I’ll take care of the rest!  1-888-819-2818

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Keep em’ cummin!

November 13th, 2009

You guys have certainly broken me in the past week or so!  I never DREAMED that you all would welcome me in such a hot and sexy way! *wink*  So, my phone sex cherry has been popped, but don’t let that deter you!  I am still hot and ready for more hot, steamy, kinky action!


And when I say “ready for it”, you know I am!  I am one of those women who is insatiable and I can’t get enough, so you all need to keep those calls cummin’ so that you and I can keep on cummin!  Let me be your sassy and sexy phone whore! 888-819-2818

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Cum meet Natalie

November 7th, 2009



I am Natalie and I am brand new to this whole phone sex thing.  I have plenty of experience getting guys off.  You could even say that it is my hobby!  I am always hot and ready to play so cum on and give me a try.  Check me out on Auntie Phone Sex and make sure you check out my gallery to see more of my hot body.
I want to make you cum HARD!   888-819-2818

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