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Long, Lean, Luscious.

April 11th, 2010


In the past I’ve written posts about my ass and my tits.  This time, take a look at these legs!  Long, toned and tanned, what more could you want?  I look great in a pair of high heels, as you can tell from the pics!  Imagine my legs spread wide and open for you…if you look closely in this pic, you’ll be able to see just a hint of what is waiting for you!  But, lets focus on the legs right now.  You’d love to see my legs in a short little miniskirt and high heels, wouldn’t you?  Legs that go on for miles, that is what I’ve got and I know you want it!  Want these legs wrapped around you while you pound my sweet pussy or spread open as you eat me out?  It’s all for you so cum and get it! 1-888-819-2818

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New Pictures are Here!

March 14th, 2009
Auntie Barbra 1-888-841-9858

Auntie Barbra 1-888-841-9858

Guess who got her new pictures today!! Oh, I am so excited! I will start sending you copies of the hottest ones as soon as I get them ready for you! Here is a sneak peek at this cute set of porn girl clothes! You have all be so patient and now you get your reward! Call me real soon so I can send you one of your very own!Barbra

Barbra Hart
Phone Sex

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New Pics Are Cumming!

March 7th, 2009
Barbra Hart 1-888-841-9858

Barbra Hart 1-888-841-9858

I finished the shoot last week and the new pics will be showing up SOON!

Check back often and call me for your own special pictures sent right to you!
I’m home all day and plan on staying in this weekend, so CALL! me for some fun.
You know you miss your favorite auntie…you know you do!
Mention my blog and get 20 minutes for $40! 
Call me sexy boy…

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OHHHH Man >>>

February 16th, 2009
Web Cam with Phone Sex

Web Cam with Phone Sex

I took some new pics last night, just fooling around with my cam on my NEW MAC! I love that thing! Anyway, I loaded a bunch into my gallery on and I know you are gonna think they are HOT!! 

Call me up and let me show you how much I appreciate you! I am a hot, SINGLE and ready to please kinda woman. No boyfriend again so his loss is your gain! Let me give you all my attention sometime really soon..
Got a mommy/son fantasy in that head of yours? It’s quickly becoming my fav…
I want to meet you, all you have to do is pick up the phone!

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