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2013 Phone Sex Special

January 3rd, 2013

It’s officially a new year and I am SO happy to have 2012behind me! Let’s celebrate with a discount on my phone sex calls, shall we? Call me up between now and this Saturday and ask for the New Years special and I’ll take 50% off your call total! So, a minimum 10 minute call will be $12.50 instead of $25! How about that for a stimulus package…LOL If you are a regular caller, you can prepay additional minutes and I will extend my discount on those minutes also! In other words, pay $75 and get 60 minutes of chat and yes, darling, you can break up those minutes into 5 minute quickies if you like…think of all the pleasure and fun you can have for only $75 bucks!


Call me before this Saturday, tho, cuz once the offer expires, it’s done, big fella…


credit/debit/gift cards

online pay please

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